Shipping Rates & Charges


You know what really sucks?  Getting to the checkout and being slugged with a fat (and unexpected) shipping fee.  It's the worst.  So to stay true to our NO-BS philosophy we're gonna be straight-up with you about how much shipping costs us and how much we charge you...before you get to the checkout!



The exact cost we get charged by our courier/delivery partners depends on what you order and where you live.  The smaller your order and the closer you live to our warehouse, the cheaper it is for us to deliver to you.  The larger your order and the further you live from our warehouse, the more expensive it is.  To keep things simple we've worked out the average cost of delivery across all our initial Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders ($10) and applied that as our flat shipping rate across all orders. If you order over $199, we reward you with free shipping.



Not only are our products competitively priced against the big name supermarket brands...our shipping rates are cheaper than the supermarkets too!  Here's what Coles and Woolworths charge for shipping:


Order Size Coles Woolworths Zero Co
Up to $99.99 $12 $15 $10
$100 - $149.99 $12 $12 $10
$150 - $199.99 $12 $9 $10
$200 - $249.99 $12 $6 Free
$250 - $299.99 $12 $3 Free
Over $300 $12 Free Free



We've chosen to work with courier/delivery partners committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of our deliveries.  It's not a perfect solution, but it's a start.  You can find out more about our delivery partners' offset schemes here:


As soon as we can afford it, we'll be investing in truly zero-carbon delivery via our own electric delivery fleet.  It's a bold idea and it'll take us some time to get there, but that's our vision for the future...stay tuned!

Returns Policy

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason with any Zero Co product that you’ve been delivered, you can bet your bottom dollar that we want to know all about it and make it all better. Because if you’re not happy Jan, neither are we.

As soon as you fill in the form below, a flashing red light will go off at HQ and our customer service genies will huddle together to solve your problem in the fastest, bestest and funnest way possible.

If you’re not delighted with your purchase, you’ll need to contact our genies within 30 days of receiving your plastic-busting do-goodies so we can resolve the issue.

It’s best if you return products via Registered Post (pre-paid) so that it 100% gets to us (and we recommend insuring it as sadly we won’t be responsible for any lost or damaged goods in transit).

Get in touch to arrange a return via email or fill in the below form and we’ll get right onto it!